Scandalous John

Published: 30th March 2011
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This 1971 Disney classic about the gun wielding cowboy and his ranch under threat is a thrilling watch. This is one of the rarest of Disney movies. Its work was initiated in Walt Disneyís presence but the release took place post his death. Also particularly rare is the ideation of the story. Although it delves into a theme that is often document - oppression by banks and land-grabbing - there is a certain x-factor that sets the idea behind the movie apart. All credit to Robert Butler for his able direction. Robert Schiffer, the make-up artist who gives male lead Brian Keith a very realistic aged look, deserves a special mention for his work.

Welcome to Crazy M Ranch. There is no shortage of action here. John McCanless, a cowboy rancher of 79 years of age, is living in the Wild West, even though the rest of the world has moved on. This Disney classic about the gun wielding cowboy and his ranch under threat is a thrilling watch. Scandalous John has been filmed at various locations in New Mexico and Mexico. A part of the movie has been shot with the backdrop of Arizona, where the Wild West comes alive.

The plot of Scandalous John takes you from hilarious to nostalgia in a smooth fashion. In the final sequence, the movie makes an emotional bond with the audience. This bond will keep the movie at the back of your mind for many years.

John comes from a family of the Westís greatest rancher and he has been one all his life. His only mission in life is to guard the Crazy M Ranch from some bandits and apaches who only he can see. They threaten to take his ranch, loot it and destroy it. Only one power stands in the way of the imminent loss of property and heritage - cowboy rancher John McCanless. But itís not the bandits John needs to protect his ranch from. There is a group of avaricious bankers who want to grab the ranch and use it for their own good in the name of area development. John realizes that he cannot do it all alone and decides to hire a handyman. The handyman comes in the form of Paco played by the gifted Alfonso Arau. Paco also gets a bullet ridden welcome. After he is hired by John, Paco gradually begins to see the world through Johnís perspective. How will they protect Crazy M Ranch against the power and greed of the bankers? Or will Crazy M Ranch be lost forever along with the heritage of the greatest rancher families of the Old West?

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